Your body type

Your body type is very important, especially when it comes to fashion. Before you can learn how to dress for your body shape, you first need to know your body type .

How To Measure Your Body
Most people can tell what their body type is just by looking in the mirror, you can get a accurate reading by measuring your body.

Using a measuring tape, get the measurement of your bust. Wear a proper-fitting bra and measure around the fullest part of your chest.
Ask a someone to help you with this one. Get the measurement of your shoulders. The tape should wrap around you at the highest point without it slipping off.
Then, get the measurement of your waist. This is the area right above your belly button and is usually the narrowest part of your torso (although not always).
Finally, get your Hips measurement. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Find the widest point of your hip area, which should be low enough that the tape passes around the top of your butt as well.

The Different Female Body Types:

Women with an hourglass body have their bust and hips at roughly the same measurement, while also having a narrower, defined waist. This is one of the curvy female body shapes.

The pear-shaped body type is bottom-heavy, which means that your bust and shoulders are narrower than your hips and butt. While pear and spoon have similar silhouettes, spoon-shaped bodies have a more rectangular upper body with a heavier midsection.

Inverted Triangle/Lollipop
The inverted triangle body type is the opposite of the pear shape – wider shoulders and bigger busts, but with narrow hips. 

Straight/Rectangle/BananaFor straight or banana body types, your shoulders, waist, hip, and busts likely have around the same measurements. This gives off a more even, lean, rectangular-looking silhouette.

The apple body shape is a variation of the inverted triangle where you also have a thicker, less defined waist. People with round or apple body shapes tend to gain weight in their stomach more than any other body part.

Physique Classifications

Compared to body shapes, physique classifications talk less about your silhouette and more about how you gain weight and muscle. There are 3 classifications:

Endomorphs are usually softer, rounder, and stockier than other physiques. They have a slow metabolism, so they often find it difficult to lose weight or get defined muscles.

Mesomorphs have your classic athletic body. With a larger bone structure and average metabolism, they can build definition and gain muscle pretty easily.

Ectomorphs are usually skinny, lean, or thin. They have a fast metabolism, which makes it hard for them to gain weight and build muscle.

take this test!

Your shoulders are:
A- Wider than your hips
B- Narrower than your hips
C- Same as your hips

A pair of well-fitting jeans with the right waist size fits:
A- Loose around your Bottom 
B- Tight around your Bottom 
C- Perfect around your Bottom

Your forearms are:

A- Big


C- Average

You tend to: 

A- Carry some extra fat

B- Stay skinny

C- Stay fit and muscular

Your body is mostly:
A- Pear

B- Mostly rectangle

C- Hourglass

If you use your middle finger and thumb to encircle your other hand’s wrist:

A- The fingers don’t touch

B- The fingers overlap

C- The fingers just touch

When it comes to weight, you:

A- Gain weight easily but have a hard time losing it

B- Find it difficult to gain and maintain weight

C- Have an easy time gaining or losing weight

If you answered:

Mostly A’s: Endomorph

Mostly B’s: Ectomorph

Mostly C’s: Mesomorph